Origin and purpose

Origin of the collection

In the early 80ies daughter Tarra came home with a Coca-Cola calendar, which inspired father and daughter to start collecting all kinds of accessories of the American soft drink giant.

Most of the collection came about by exchanges with other collectors, going to jumble sales, buying new items in the original Coca-Cola stores and knowing a few people at the right places, who could occasionally bring items from abroad.

Unfortunately, the collection ended abruptly in 2009 when father Theo passed away after a long illness.

Purpose of the sale

After some years of deliberation it was decided to put the collection up For Sale after all.

Because we do not have a full inventory we are now dividing the collection in several lots, creating subdivisions, in order to offer everything in a more organised, better and correctly priced fashion.

New articles will be published on this site every week, and we hope to finish this gigantic job in a couple of years.

It takes quite some time to compile an inventory of a collection gathered in +/- 30 years.

We are going to offer all interested parties to buy the collection as a whole, per lot or per item.

The collection as a whole will only be presented in a YouTube film that we made some time ago.

YouTube film